Taiwan ‘dissatisfied’ but not ‘disillusioned’ with Tsai: survey

Taipei, Just over half of respondents to a survey have given President Tsai Ing-wen (???) a passing grade for her performance since taking office on May 20, 2016, according to the poll's results released Sunday.

On a scale of 0 to 100 points using 60 as a passing grade, Tsai received a passing grade from 50.1 percent of respondents, with 24.6 percent giving her the minimum passing score of 60, according to the survey conducted by Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation.

"On the surface of it, it seemed like a pretty good grade because President Tsai's performance was graded as passing by more than half of the respondents," said You Ying-lung (???), chairman of the polling institute.

But the fact that about half of the respondents who gave Tsai a passing grade scored her performance a 60 is "a warning sign," You said.

The poll showed that Tsai scored an average of 52.61 points out of a possible 100, with 25.5 percent giving her a score higher than 60, and 45.2 percent giving her a failing grade.

In a poll conducted by the same foundation in May last year, Tsai scored an average of 52.41 points, with 48.3 percent of respondents giving her a score below 60, 23.2 percent giving her a 60, and 26.4 percent giving her a score above 60.

The latest survey's results were similar to those of last year's poll, suggesting that "people didn't find Tsai's performance in her second year in office to have made fresh progress as compared to her first year," You said.

You contended, however, that while the average score of 52.61 suggested a high degree of "dissatisfaction" with the Tsai administration's performance, it did not show "thorough disillusionment."

"The public hasn't flunked Tsai outright and would like to give her a chance," You said.

In more general terms, the survey found that 36 percent of respondents were satisfied with the Tsai administration's performance over the past two years, while 58 percent were dissatisfied.

Those results were in the ballpark of other surveys on Tsai conducted by major media.

A poll released on May 14 by Apple Daily found that 34 percent of respondents were satisfied with the government's performance compared to 62 percent who were dissatisfied, and a United Daily News survey released on May 13 found 30 percent satisfied against 56 percent who were dissatisfied.

The Public Opinion Foundation's survey also asked respondents to assess the Tsai administration's performance in six major policy areas -- the economy, cross-strait relations, pension reform, judicial reform, foreign policy, and national defense.

The only area in which approval of Tsai's performance outpaced disapproval was on pension reform for public employees, which garnered 49.8 percent backing against 41.6 percent disapproval, the poll found.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel