Taiwan eases rules on professional licenses for foreign nationals

Taipei, The Legislature on Tuesday passed a law amendment that would make it easier for foreign doctors and other professionals to obtain a license to work in Taiwan.

The amendment to the Professionals and Technologists Examinations Act applies to medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists, dietitians, veterinarians and people in several other fields that require licensure, according to the Legislature.

Once a foreign applicant already holds a license recognized by his or her own country and is deemed qualified to work in that particular discipline in Taiwan, he or she may not be required to take the license examination in Taiwan, the Legislature said.

For those foreign professionals who may still have to sit the license exams, they will now have the option of taking the written and oral tests in English instead of Chinese, the Legislature said.

Prior to the law amendment, applicants in certain professions were required sit a license exam administered in Chinese by the Ministry of Examination for both foreign nationals and Taiwanese.

According to the ministry's website, professional and technical jobs that are open to foreign nationals also include Chinese medicine practitioners, tour managers, tour guides, social workers, psychologists, respiratory therapists, and certified public bookkeepers.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel