Taiwan experiencing coldest weather this winter: CWB

Taipei--Taiwan is seeing the coldest weather so far this winter as the island comes under the influence of a strong cold air mass, with 16 weather stations recording temperatures at new lows since the season started, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said Saturday.

The cold weather is being felt islandwide, with Tamsui in northern Taiwan seeing the country's lowest mercury at 10.4 degrees Celsius, forecasters said.

Other northern and central Taiwan areas experiencing the lowest temperatures in an otherwise unseasonably mild winter so far include Taipei and Banqiao at 12.2 degrees, Keelung at 11.4 degrees, Hsinchu and Suao at 11.6 degrees, Xinwu and Wuqi at 12 degrees, as well as Taichung at 12.8 degrees, bureau data showed.

The effects of the cold air mass are also pronounced in southern Taiwan. The mercury dropped to 13.1 degrees in Tainan, 15.8 degrees in Kaohsiung and 18.2 degrees in Hengchun, according to the CWB.

The cold air mass, after reaching its strongest level on Saturday, will start to weaken, the bureau said, predicting that Taiwan will see warmer weather from next Wednesday.

However, due to another wave of seasonal winds arriving next Thursday, the day before the Lunar New Year's Eve, Taiwan could again get cooler and wetter weather, it said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel