Taiwan gave US$300m in overseas aid in 2016

Taiwan gave US$300 million in official development assistance to other countries in 2016. That's according to a foreign ministry official on Thursday. The figure is US$50 million higher than in 2015.

The foreign ministry said the overseas aid represented 0.06% of gross national income. That's still far below the UN's suggested target of 0.7%. But the ministry's Lee Sing-ying said the government has a plan for Taiwan to catch up with the UN's sustainable development goals for 2030.

Lee said, "Our overseas aid figure is seeing stable growth, we trust that Taiwan as a country that has received aid and is now giving assistance to allies and friendly countries, is doing its responsibility as a member of the international community, and the government will see we continue to do so."

The foreign ministry said most of Taiwan's official development assistance is directed towards the country's diplomatic allies in social and economic projects. The aid also includes cooperation the fishing, agriculture and forestry and education programs including scholarships.

Source: Radio Taiwan International