Taiwan-Honduras relations remain strong: Honduran ambassador

Taipei--Honduras Ambassador to Taiwan Rafa Sierra affirmed Tuesday that bilateral relations remain strong, denying local reports that some of his embassy staff will be reassigned to serve in China.

At a press conference held in Taipei, Sierra gave an assurance that ties between the two countries remain stable, and slammed speculation that he or other diplomats are about to leave Taiwan.

Earlier in the day, unconfirmed news reports claimed that a staff member of the Honduran embassy told friends at a dinner in Kaohsiung the previous day that some embassy personnel will leave Taiwan in mid-July and move to China to take up new postings.

Sierra pointed out that neither he nor two other embassy diplomats were recently in Kaohsiung, and said that no one had ever made such statements about leaving Taiwan.

"Relations between Honduras and Taiwan remain strong. Bilateral trade and friendship between our people will continue to deepen," he said.

The ambassador also noted that Honduras First Vice President Ricardo Alvarez Arias and Honduran National Congress President Mauricio Oliva Herrera only recently visited Taiwan, signifying that the relations between the two countries are better than ever.

Honduras is one of the 20 countries that maintain diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council