Taiwan hopes to open tourism office in Thailand

Taiwan is hoping to open a tourism office in Thailand amid a large increase in the number of Thai visitors over the past year.

Preparations for a tourism office in Thailand have been underway for some time. But talks on opening the office have been unable to move forward because the position of Taiwanese representative to Thailand has been vacant.

However, with former Cabinet spokesperson Tung Chen-yuan set to fill the post, tourism officials say there may be progress soon. Tourism Bureau Director Chou Yung-hui said Wednesday that the new representative will begin talks with Thai authorities about how soon the tourist office might be able to open.

Chou said it is not clear whether the office will be able to open during this year's summer travel season. However, he said that he is hopeful about the tourist office's prospects.

130,000 Thai nationals visited Taiwan between January and May. That's an 85% increase over the same period last year. The increase is likely linked to the government's decision last year to waive visas for Thai tourists on a trial basis. The government has since decided to extend the visa waiver measure until July next year.

Source: Radio Taiwan International