Taiwan Lottery adds NT$800 million to Lunar New Year jackpots

Taipei-Taiwan Lottery Co. announced on Tuesday that it will add approximately NT$800 million (US$27.37 million) to the jackpots of a range of lottery games to make them more attractive in celebration of the Lunar New Year.

The Lunar New Year promotions will begin with the addition of an extra NT$200 million to the Power Lottery (???) jackpot on Feb. 5.

The Power Lottery jackpot has risen to an estimated NT$220 million ahead of its next drawing on Thursday, and if there are no jackpot winners then, the Feb. 5 jackpot is expected to reach NT$450 million.

From Feb. 15 to 20, Taiwan Lottery will add bonuses to its Grand Lottery (???) game, ensuring its jackpots reach NT$100 million for each drawing during the period.

Grand Lottery drawings will take place on the six days starting from Lunar New Year's Eve, and there will be an additional 400 prize drawings of NT$1 million held during the six-day holiday, the company said.

Taiwan Lottery will also increase prizes for its Bingo Bingo game from Feb. 16 to March 1.

The added funds in the jackpots will come from Taiwan Lottery's surplus, but the company hopes to earn the money back from the extra interest generated by the higher stakes.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel