Taiwan, Palau issue marine life-themed stamps

Taipei, June 26 (CNA) Taiwan and Palau have jointly issued a souvenir sheet of stamps featuring endangered marine species to highlight both environmental awareness and bilateral ties, postal officials from the two countries said at a launch ceremony Tuesday.

There are two stamps in the sheet, one depicting blacktip reef sharks and the other a green sea turtle, and both have backdrops of seascapes with Taiwan and Palau features.

It was the first time either Taiwan or Palau worked with a foreign postal service to issue stamps on the same topic, according to Chunghwa Post Co., Taiwan's official postal service, and Palau Postal Service.

Taiwan and Palau rely heavily on the ocean for their development, and the partnership on the marine life-themed stamps reaffirmed the two sides' determination to protect the environment, said Chunghwa Post Co. President Chen Shian-juh (???) at the launch ceremony.

The cooperation also symbolizes the strong diplomatic ties between the two sides that has now extended to postal services, said Palau Postal Service head Timothy Sinsak.

"This is history making that Palau, for the first time, has joined a foreign independent post administration to do something like this," Sinsak said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel