Taiwan Panorama still in print: MOFA

Taipei-Taiwan Panorama, a monthly magazine published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) that offers international readers in-depth insights into Taiwanese society and culture is still being published, the ministry said Tuesday.

The ministry was clarifying a newspaper advertisement dated Jan. 5, which was placed on the front page of Tuesday's United Daily News, stating that the quarterly journal Kuang Hua (phonetically similar to the monthly magazine's Chinese name) has been suspended due to the chief editor's advanced age of 85.

The quarterly journal mentioned in the advertisement is not Taiwan Panorama published by MOFA's Department of International Information Services, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrew Lee (???).

Founded in 1976, Taiwan Panorama showcases Taiwan's political, economic, social and cultural evolution, according to information on the magazine's website.

Originally published only in a Chinese-English bilingual edition, a Chinese-Japanese edition and an English-language version were later added to help meet the needs of a more varied readership.

In December 2015, Taiwan Panorama announced the launch of three new bi-monthly publications in Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese.

The three new bi-monthly publications contain reports on arts and humanities unique to Taiwan and exclusive interviews with Southeast Asian people residing and investing in Taiwan, with the aim of deepening mutual understanding, according to Lee.

So far, 13 issues of the three editions have been published, with print runs of 2,000 copies each, Lee said.

Taiwan Panorama is given away free of charge, and copies of the periodical are distributed mainly at Taiwan's overseas representative offices, public libraries, and places frequented by Taiwan's new immigrants, as well as at cultural events and tourism and travel fairs, according to Lee.

The magazine is available in over 100 countries around the world, according to its website.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel