Taiwan projected to enter enterovirus infection season this week

Taipei--Taiwan could enter its annual epidemic season of enterovrius infection this week, about two months later than usual, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) projected on Tuesday.

The number of emergency visits involving enterovirus infection was about 10,616 last week, up from 10,010 the previous week, according the CDC's weekly monitoring data.

CDC Deputy Director-General Philip Lo said that based on the latest figures and an epidemic threshold believed to be about 11,000, this year's enterovirus epidemic season is projected to begin this week.

According to CDC data, the number of enterovirus infection cases usually increases in late March and peaks around mid-June. "This year, the season is two months late," Lo said.

So far this year, five confirmed cases of enterovirus infection with severe complications have been recorded, including one of an infant under one month, said CDC Epidemic Intelligence Center Director Liu Ting-ping.

The baby boy developed a fever, breathing difficulty, hepatitis, encephalitis and a low platelet count in late June. Laboratory tests indicated he was infected with Echovirus 5, Liu said, noting that after being treated, the infant recovered.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council