Taiwan removed from conference after Chinese disruptions

A Taiwanese delegation has been removed from a conference in Perth, Australia after Chinese representatives disrupted the opening ceremony over Taiwan's presence. The conference was on the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme, a process which aims to curb the trade of conflict diamonds to finance wars.

The Chinese delegation used a microphone to speak over the chairman as he tried to introduce Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, and it interrupted the welcome ceremony. The delegation demanded to know if everyone in the room had been formally invited .

The delegation continued to disrupt the ceremony until this point of order was addressed. After negotiations between the Australian and Chinese parties, the Taiwan delegation was asked to leave.

Deputy Foreign Minister Javier Hou said that Taiwan will write to Australia about the incident.

"We will write to explain our stance, but this isn't a protest. That's because we should be protesting to China. Australia had genuinely welcomed us to participate. They had insisted that the host country had the right to invite observing members to attend," Hou said.

The Sydney Morning Herald called the incident disgusting and other media outlets including such as Foreign Policy and the Daily Mail also reported on it. Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has raised concerns over the incident with the Chinese ambassador.

The foreign ministry says that Beijing has been trying to keep Taiwan from participating in many types of professional organizations. It says this will lead to a gap in the global community and negatively affect cross-strait relations.

Source: Radio Taiwan International