Taiwan requests correction of name change by Sweden

Brussels, Taiwan's representative office in Sweden said Thursday that it has filed an official protest with the Swedish government against its recent reference to Taiwan as a province of China.

According to the office, it submitted the formal written protest to Sweden's foreign ministry and tax office to express its views and a high degree of concern on behalf of the Republic of China government after hearing the opinions of Taiwanese students and expatriates in that country.

The issue arose from a statement issued by the Swedish Tax Agency on Feb. 28, saying that Taiwan would be listed on the agency's website as a province of China (Taiwan, Provins i Kina), instead of the Republic of China (Republiken Kina, Taiwan), based on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) code.

In response to CNA's questions on the issue, the Swedish Tax Agency said in an email Wednesday that the decision was made to designate all countries in line with the ISO 3166 standard.

In Taiwan's letter of protest, it said the name change was not only against historical facts, but had also hurt the people of democratic Taiwan. Swedish authorities are urged to restore Taiwan's correct designation as soon as possible, the letter said.

Taiwan's representative office said that its personnel have also met with officials of the Swedish foreign ministry and requested a swift correction of Taiwan's designation.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel