Taiwan sellers report strong pre-orders for iPhone 7

A licensed retailer of Apple Inc. products in Taiwan said Wednesday that its pre-orders for the new iPhone 7 have been very strong since the release of the smartphone on Sept. 8.

Studio A, an Apple Premium Reseller that has 33 outlets in Taiwan, said that so far it has received five times the number of pre-orders that it obtained for the iPhone 6S a year ago when that model was released.

However, Studio A did not disclose its exact number of pre-orders for the iPhone 7, except to say that it has stopped taking orders until sales begin officially on Sept. 16.

The most popular colors for the iPhone 7 were jet black and black, which were not available for the iPhone 6S, Studio A said.

Another authorized reseller, Data Express, said 35 percent of its pre-orders for the iPhone 7 were for rose gold, 27 percent for jet black, 17 percent for black, 15 percent for gold and 6 percent for silver.

Data Express, which has 50 outlets in Taiwan, did not provide any specific pre-order numbers either but said 58 percent of buyers preferred the larger iPhone 7 Plus model that comes with a 5.5-inch screen, while 42 percent favored the 4.7-inch iPhone 7.

In terms of phone storage preference, 74 percent of the pre-orders were for 128 GB models, 18 percent for 32 GB models, and 8 percent for the 256 GB models, according to Data Express.

Apple's online shop in Taiwan has been accepting pre-orders since Sept. 8, after the iPhone 7 was formally unveiled in the United States.

The estimated delivery time for an iPhone 7 ranges from six to eight working days for the 128 GB and 256 GB models, and to two to three weeks for the 32 GB and all iPhone 7 Plus models, according to Apple's website.

U.S. mobile service providers have been reporting strong orders as well, with T-Mobile saying it had received record pre-orders for the new iPhones in the four days since Sept. 9, while its rival Sprint said its pre-orders in the three days were 375 percent higher than in the same period last year.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel