Taiwan third ‘most ignorant’ country in the world: survey

Taiwan has been ranked the third “most ignorant” country in the world in an “Index of Ignorance” survey that asks respondents from 40 countries questions about their own country.

The index was part of the Ipsos MORI Perils of Perception Survey conducted by Ipsos MORI, a market research company based in the United Kingdom, from Sept. 22 to Nov. 6. The survey polled more than 27,000 respondents aged 16-64 from 40 countries, including approximately 500 adults in Taiwan.

The index was calculated based on how accurate the respondents answered five factual questions about their country’s population, percentage of Muslim population, healthcare spending and home ownership.

According to survey results, India topped the “Index of Ignorance,” followed by China, Taiwan, South Africa and the United States. Ranked 6-10 were Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, Turkey and Indonesia.

In contrast, the Netherlands was the most informed country, followed by Great Britain, South Korea, Czech Republic and Malaysia, according to the survey.

Asked the size of their country’s current population, the average answer in Taiwan was 25 million, when the actual number is 23.5 million.

When asked what percentage of people in Taiwan are Muslim, respondents gave an average answer of 7 percent, when there is less than 1 percent.

The average respondent in Taiwan also thought that 22 percent of total gross domestic product (GDP) is spent on health care each year, when the actual level is 7 percent.

Meanwhile, when asked what percentage of households in Taiwan own the home in which they live the average answer was 50 percent, when in fact it is 84 percent.

Finally, when asked what percentage of Taiwan’s total household wealth is owned by the least wealthy 70 percent, the average response was 39 percent, when the real answer is 17 percent.

Other countries that participated in the survey include Canada (12), Russia (14), the Philippines (16), France (21), Vietnam (22), Spain (24) and Japan (27).

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel

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