Taiwan to see cold, wet weather next week

Taipei-Taiwan will see sunny and relatively warm weather this weekend, but next week will be chilly and wet starting Monday, with the arrival of two cold air masses that will dip temperatures to 10 degrees Celsius, the Central Weather Bureau said Saturday.

Daytime highs for both Saturday and Sunday are relatively similar, with temperatures of 20-22 degrees in northern and central Taiwan, 23-25 degrees in eastern Taiwan and 24-28 degrees in southern Taiwan.

While the country enjoys a nice weekend, a strong cold air mass will bring daytime temperatures down to 15-17 degrees in the north and Yilan and Hualien in the east, 17-19 degrees in the central region, and 20 degrees in the south and southeast on Monday, according to the CWB.

The first cold air mass is expected to weaken by Wednesday, but temperatures will only rise slightly before another, even stronger wave of cold air hits Taiwan on Thursday.

The second air mass is forecast to dip the temperature to a low of 10 degrees in northern and central Taiwan, with rain falling in northern and eastern Taiwan as well as the mountains in central and southern Taiwan.

Temperatures are likely to remain low until Feb. 5, the CWB said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel