Taiwan, U.S. think tanks seek to hold regular meetings

Taipei--Taiwan ThinkTank and a Washington-based think tank will hold an international forum later this month, in an effort to promote more frequent cooperation between Taiwanese and U.S. think tanks, with the objective of developing proposals on related government policies.

Titled "Developing a New Framework for Taiwan-U.S. Relations under Changing Dynamics in the Asia-Pacific," the forum is slated for Aug. 18 in Taipei, according to the Taipei-based think tank, which is co-organizing the event with the Global Taiwan Institute, a Taiwan affairs-focused think tank in Washington.

Taiwan ThinkTank is seeking to establish a cooperative mechanism between Taiwanese and American think tanks that is set to include regular meetings to develop proposals on policy relating to regional affairs, it said on its website.

The forum will bring together academics and experts from Taiwan and the United States, as well as former U.S. government officials, including former American Institute in Taiwan Director William Stanton, the event's agenda shows.

Joseph Wu (???), secretary general of Taiwan's Presidential Office, will chair one of the panel discussions, it added.

Meanwhile, the Prospect Foundation, another think tank in Taipei, will hold a forum to discuss security affairs in the Asia-Pacific region on Aug. 8 in Taipei, during which former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney will deliver a luncheon speech.

The agenda of the forum includes maritime security cooperation in Asia, regional economic integration and Taiwan's New Southbound policy.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel