Taiwanese businessman attacked in Jakarta

A Taiwanese businessman was attacked and robbed in Indonesia's capital recently, alerting Taiwanese businesses operating in the country to the potential safety risks existing there.

The Republic of China (Taiwan) Representative Office in Indonesia has confirmed the case, saying the victim was a businessman with the surname of Chen, who lives in Jakarta's suburban area of Cikarang.

The office said the attack occurred on Sept. 23 when Chen was doing his regular morning exercise. He was hit from behind on the left side of his head with an unidentified weapon and immediately blacked out.

Chen later regained consciousness and managed to walk to a nearby hospital under his own power to be treated, the office said, citing Chen's statement. The victim also said his iPhone was robbed by the attacker.

According to the attending physician's diagnosis, Chen's skull had a depression caused by the blow of about 3 to 5 centimeters long, but no harm was caused to the brain.

Chen returned to Taiwan on Saturday for further treatment and health checks, the office said.

It reiterated its advice to Taiwanese business people living in Indonesia to always stay alert over their personal safety when engaged in outdoor activities.

Indonesian police said, meanwhile, that they have been informed of the attack and will try to crack the case and arrest the assailant as soon as possible

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel