Taiwanese, French firms teaming up on Kaohsiung solar power project

A Taiwanese company is teaming up with a French partner on a project to build a floating solar panel system in a reservoir in Kaohsiung, the first stage of which is expected to be completed to by the middle of 2017, the company said Thursday.

Austin Yu (???), project supervisor of the Hsinchu-based GermanSolar Asia Co., said the firm is working with French solar energy firm Ciel and Terre to set up Taiwan's first floating solar panel in a reservoir, at Agongdian Reservoir.

He made the remarks at the Taiwan International Green Industry Show, which is running from Wednesday through Friday, bringing together more than 200 exhibitors from home and abroad.

Speaking of the cooperative project, Yu said the French company will share its experience of building floating solar panel systems, as well as the required technology, with the local team.

The design and equipment will be produced in Taiwan, he noted, adding that the first stage of the project is expected to be completed by the end of June next year.

In the first stage, the system is expected to generate 2.4 million kWh of electricity per year, Yu said.

Ciel and Terre, which developed floating solar panels in 2011, has set up operations in China and Japan and has helped to establish floating solar power systems there, said Philippe Deschamps of Ciel and Terre.

The company believes that it will be able to replicate its Japan success in Taiwan, Deschamps told Taiwanese reporters at the company's booth at the green industry show in Taipei.

Ciel and Terre set up a Taiwan branch earlier this year, seeking to advance cooperation with Taiwanese partners in the field of green energy, said Cedric Jaeg of Ciel and Terre Taiwan.

The cooperative project comes at a time when the Taiwan government is seeking to expand renewable energy sources in an effort to achieve the goal of making the country nuclear power-free by 2025.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel