Taiwanese Hakka Association of Vietnam elects new chairperson

Taiwanese Hakka Association of Vietnam launched its fifth chairmanship election together with a celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival in BAnh Duong Province on June 9. More than 100 participants attended the event, including Chung Wencheng directorgeneral of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Ho Chi Minh City; You Kaichiuan TECO official; and Wu Chunying president of the BAnh Duongbased Taiwan Business Association. Established in 2011, the association is a cultural stronghold for the Hakka people who live in the south of Vietnam. All its members are Taiwanese of Hakka descent who settled down and started a new life in this country. As the first and second generations of VietnameseTaiwanese Hakka, they still maintain a strong connection with Taiwan and endeavor to pass on the Hakka heritage for posterity. The association convened a general meeting to elect 9 directors, 3 supervisors, a chief supervisor, and a chairperson. The election was carried out by ballot. Chen Bohao was elected the new chair, and Lin Bochun the chief supervisor.

Source: Hakka Affairs Council