Taiwanese in Dominican Republic show support after ties cut

Taipei, Taiwanese in the Dominican Republic gathered at Taiwan's embassy in the Dominican Republic on Tuesday (local time) to voice their support after the Caribbean country established formal diplomatic relations with China a day earlier.

About a dozen people, including leaders of Taiwanese groups in the country, called on the embassy and expressed their strong support for the Republic of China (Taiwan) and their appreciation for the services of diplomatic personnel in the country, the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) said in a statement.

Taiwan's ambassador to the Dominican Republic Tang Ji-Zen (???) thanked Taiwanese in the country for their support at this crucial juncture and said the government will negotiate with the Dominican government to protect the rights of Taiwanese there.

The OCAC will wait for the government's instructions and expected to lay out procedures on how to help overseas Taiwanese return to Taiwan to study or update their passports or travel documents, Tang said.

A source from Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Tuesday that China offered the Dominican Republic a US$3 billion package of investment and loans to lure it away from Taiwan.

Taiwan will halt all bilateral cooperative projects, cut all assistance to the Dominican Republic, and pull out its diplomatic staff and technical missions from the country that has had ties with the Republic of China for 77 years, the MOFA said.

The Dominican Republic's decision leaves Taiwan with only 19 diplomatic allies in the world, comprised of African, Caribbean, Latin American and Pacific island nations, as well as the Vatican.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel