Taiwanese tourist drowns in boat capsize in Philippines

Manila--A 63-year-old Taiwanese woman died when a boat capsized in Cebu in the central Philippines during bad weather, while a child in her group suffered pleural effusion, local police said Friday.

The woman, surnamed Chen (?), was trapped under the boat after it capsized near a resort on Bantayin Island on July 19, according to the police.

All the other 11 Taiwanese tourists on the boat were safe, and the child with pleural effusion is in stable condition, the police said.

The boat was operating in gusting wind and heavy rainfall, the police said, adding that further investigation is needed to determine the responsibility of the boat's operator.

Chen was traveling as an independent tourist with 11 family members and friends, according to Taiwan's Tourism Bureau.

They arrived at Bantayin Island on July 17 and embarked for Virgin Island on July 19, the bureau said, but the weather deteriorated when the group was heading back, causing the boat to capsize, the bureau said.

The survivors were swept back to Virgin Island, where they were rescued.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel