Taiwan’s first female combat helicopter pilot aims to fly Apaches

Taipei-Taiwan's first female combat helicopter pilot said Tuesday that her dream is to one day fly one of the world's most advanced military helicopters, the U.S.-made AH-64E Apache.

First Lieutenant Chen Pin-fen (???) completed flight training on the AH-1W Super Cobra late last year, becoming the country's first female combat helicopter pilot.

On Tuesday, she participated in an annual combat-readiness drill at a military base in Taichung, along with other Army personnel.

After the drill, Chen told the local media that it has always been her dream to become a combat helicopter pilot.

"This is a different challenge, and I love challenges," said Chen, a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute in the United States who returned to Taiwan in 2013.

Most female military helicopter pilots usually choose to fly utility choppers.

Chen said that during her training on the Super Cobra, she spent a lot of time getting familiar with the weapons system, which is more complicated than that of a utility helicopter.

Chen said her next goal is to gain the qualification and competence to fly the AH-64E Apache, one of the world's most advanced military helicopters, which Taiwan's Army first acquired in November 2013.

Each year before the Chinese New Year, Taiwan's military gives media tours of several units to demonstrate combat readiness.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel