Taiwan’s Presidential Office launches trailblazing sleepover promotion

A trailblazing sleepover promotion affording international visitors the opportunity to experience firsthand Taiwan's historic Presidential Office Building was launched Aug. 12 in Taipei City.

Initiated by the PO, Taipeibased General Association of Chinese Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tourism Bureau under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and Taiwan Visitors Association, the promotion also serves to help winners better understand Taiwan and its democratic way of life.

In a special video, President Tsai Ingwen described the PO Building as a crown jewel in Taiwan's democracy and invited participants to visit the country and feel the warmth and hospitality of the people.

PO Spokesman Xavier Chang said at a news conference that most foreign friends are quick to learn about Taiwan's worldfamous bubble tea and mouthwatering cuisines. But it is important they also have the chance to get to grips with Taiwan's freedom, democracy and open society, he added.

During the registration period running until Aug. 31, applicants must submit proposals to the promotion's website on how to raise Taiwan's profile on the international stage. Starting October, a total of 20 winners will be invited to stay overnight at Lixing Building, a twostory guardhouse adjacent to and with a clear view of the centuryold PO Building.

Guests, required to observe security regulations at all times, can attend the daily flagraising ceremony, tour the PO Building and take part in a customized itinerary prepared by the GACC.

Source: Taiwan Today