taiwanwire.com 2017-05-26 00:00:00

Taipei--Nearly 70 days after Taiwanese activist Lee Ming-che (???) was first detained in China, the Chinese government announced Friday that he has been arrested on charges for "subversion of state power."

An Fengshan (???), spokesman for China's Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO), said Lee has been detained in Hunan Province since March 19 and that he and "his partners in crime have confessed directly that they carried out activities that threaten our country's national security."

The spokesman claimed that an investigation into the case found that Lee had frequently traveled to and from China since 2012 and worked with Chinese nationals to develop plans of action and establish an illegal ring that aimed to subvert Beijing.

No other details of what Lee specifically did were provided.

It was the first time Beijing had offered information about Lee since he was detained.

Previously, it had refused to provide details about his case, such as where he was being detained and what laws he was accused of violating.

Beijing has also refused to discuss Lee's case with Taiwan's authorities and has ignored requests to allow Lee's family to visit him.

Lee's wife and other human rights groups have warned in the past that any "confessions" claimed by China's government would likely be coerced, and they have adamantly rejected any suggestion that Lee was involved in any activities that could have violated Chinese law.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel