Taxi driver indicted for sex attack on South Korean

Taipei--Taipei prosecutors indicted a taxi driver Tuesday for drugging three women from South Korea and sexually assaulting one of them last month, demanding a prison sentence of 15 years.

The Shilin District Prosecutors Office had sought the indictment of Chan Yu-ju (???), a married man without a criminal record, on charges of sexual offenses with the use of drugs, after concluding its investigation.

According to the investigation results, Chan spiked a soft drink with sleeping pills and FM2 in Jiufen, New Taipei on Jan. 12. He then offered the three women the drink in his cab, causing two of them to fall asleep in the vehicle.

Chan then drove the tourists to the Shilin Night Market in Taipei, at which point one of the three passengers left to tour the market.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Chan drove the other two unconscious women to a nearby secluded area, where he sexually assaulted one of them.

Under the Criminal Code, anyone who commits a sexual offense using drugs is subject to a penalty of at least seven years in prison.

Chan has been detained since Jan. 15, and the Shilin District Court is deciding whether or not to continue his detention.

The three South Koreans flew to Taipei Jan. 11 for a five-day sightseeing tour. They hired Chan's cab via the Internet before their arrival.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel