Tea seed oil factory in New Taipei’s Pinglin reveals gourmet secret

Taipei--A by-product of Taiwan's renowned tea industry, tea seed oil is growing into an essential ingredient of various Taiwanese gourmet foods, such as stir-fried chicken with tea seed oil, and consumers can now see how high-quality oil of this kind is produced in New Taipei's Pinglin District, home to Baozhong tea.

The tea oil model factory, set up in 2015 as part of the Pinglin Tea Cultural Museum at the Pinglin District Farmers' Association, is the first factory in northern Taiwan to show visitors how tea seeds are pressed into premium cooking oil, according to the New Taipei Agriculture Department.

Tea oil contains 90 percent monounsaturated fatty acids, thanks to which it is dubbed in Taiwan as "Oriental olive oil," department officials said.

Lin Wen-kung (???), chief executive of the Pinglin District Farmers' Association, said machines at the factory have been running without pause since their inauguration to offer consumers a healthy oil product.

"All the raw materials (used at the factory) are checked for quality batch by batch at source and documented," Lin said.

The Pinglin tea seed oil factory is operated as a tourism factory, which allows visitors to watch the complete production process through windows. "We let consumers see with their own eyes how a perfectly pure oil product is made," Lin said.

The tea output of Pinglin District accounts for 60 percent of the total in New Taipei. The district is also famous for the production of Wen Shan Baozhong tea.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel