Temperatures to drop during holiday

Taipei, The weather will turn rainy and cooler across Taiwan during the five-day Tomb Sweeping holiday next week, the Central Weather Bureau said on Sunday.

On Sunday, the weather remained sunny and warm across the country, with daytime highs reaching 29-30 degrees Celsius in western Taiwan and 26 degrees for the rest of the country, the bureau said.

It forecast, however, that the weather will begin to turn rainy and cool next Friday and Saturday as a front is expected to pass through Taiwan on Friday, which will be followed by a cold front on Saturday.

The strength of the cold front will likely range between that of northeastern winds and a continental cold air mass, which could bring the daytime highs in northern Taiwan to 20 degrees -- a sharp change from the warm weather Taiwan is seeing before the Tomb Sweeping holiday, the bureau said.

The tropical storm Jelawat that has formed in the Pacific will have no influence on Taiwan, according to the bureau, but it cautioned the public to beware of long waves along the coast in northern and eastern Taiwan as well as the Hengchun Peninsular in the south.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel