The Bank issues a deposit receipt

Zhongyangyinhang open market operations information

a, 108 on January 22, the Japanese line certificates of deposit maturity amounted to 71.6 billion yuan, amounting to 71.6 billion yuan issued, day period summarized as follows:

(a) 28 days of purchase interest rate 0.590% the amount of 68.8 billion Yuan

(II) 91-day subscription rate of 0.650% Amount of RMB 2.40 billion

(III) 182-day subscription rate of 0.770% Amount of RMB 400 million

II. From January 1 to 22, 108, the Bank's total deposit amount due It was 408.128 billion yuan and the issue amount was 4,054.68 billion yuan, a net decrease of 26.60 billion yuan during this period.

3. As of January 22, 108, the Bank's unsettled balance of deposit certificates was RMB 763.130 billion.

Source: Central Bank Of the Republic Of China (Taiwan)