The domestic flu epidemic is heating up, and people are urged to participate in the New Year’s activities to implement hand hygiene and cough etiquette.

The domestic flu epidemic has risen markedly. This weekend is the New Year's Day holiday. According to the forecast data of the Meteorological Bureau, there will still be cold air masses going south in the next week. The temperature will be low in the morning and evening. The Disease Control Agency specifically appeals to the people to participate in the New Year's party or activities. Good personal hygiene protection measures, pay attention to personal health, if you have respiratory symptoms, you should wear a mask, try to avoid entering public places where crowds are crowded and air is not circulating, and implement a sick rest at home to prevent the virus from spreading through the crowd.

According to the monitoring data of the Department of Disease Control, the number of outpatients in the flu-like emergency department last week (December 16 to December 22) was 68,148, and the epidemic situation increased significantly. In this (2018) year, there were 144 cases of flu complicated with severe cases since October 1. The infection type was mainly H3N2 (90 cases, accounting for 63%), of which 11 cases died (6 cases of H3N2, 5 cases of N1); The 4-week community influenza virus is dominated by H3N2. Recently, the national influenza activity in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere has been on the rise. Among them, the peak of the epidemic situation in Singapore, Canada, South Korea, the United States and the north and south of mainland China have reached the epidemic threshold or entered the epidemic season; the virus types detected by countries are mainly N1, but Singapore Japan, Europe and Europe are popular with N1 and H3N2.

This year's publicly funded influenza vaccine as of December 23, the number of inoculations exceeded 5.03 million doses; currently the remaining amount of 0.5mL dosage form is about 104,000 doses, and the remaining amount of 0.25mL dosage form is about 55,000 doses. For vaccinated people, please check the website of the local health bureau or the World Health Organization's World Wide Web, and check with the institution before the vaccination to avoid the flight.

In addition, the public is required to implement the flu for medical treatment. If it is a mild flu-like symptom, you can go to a clinic near the public flu anti-viral agent. If you have severe flu symptoms such as difficulty breathing, cyanosis, and consciousness change, please do as fast as possible. Hospitals for medical treatment, who are judged by the doctor's clinical judgment to meet the conditions for the use of public funds, can open public funds without the need for quick screening.

Source: Ministry of Health and Welfare