The Forbidden City and the Songshan Fengtian Palace invite you to explore the world of animal art.

This year, the National Palace Museum and Songshan Fengtian Palace have cooperated with each other. From now until October 27th, the Animal Art Ideas The New Media Art Exhibition of the Forbidden City was grandly launched at the Tiangong Gallery. The exhibition is based on animals, through the new media art works of the Forbidden City, contemporary art and biological science research, combined with AR augmented reality, stereoscopic light carving, 3D scanning and other advanced digital techniques to lead the audience from art, science and nature. From a social perspective, we will enter the world of animal art and explore the crisis and turnaround of symbiosis between animals and human beings.

At the opening press conference today, Vice President Huang Yongtai of the National Palace Museum, Chairman of the Songshan Fengtian Palace Lin Xianping, and Professor of Hong Kong City University Dr. Jeffrey Shaw and other distinguished guests came to the event. In his speech, Vice President Huang said that Songshan Fengtian Palace has been a solid partner of the Forbidden City for a long time. This time, the two sides joined hands to showcase the new media art exhibition in Tiangong Gallery, and continue to provide more opportunities for the public to get close to the art. In addition, I would like to thank Songshan Fengtian Palace for supporting the Forbidden City Amusement project, and warmly sponsoring the Fengtiangong Xiangke Building to provide free accommodation for the students visiting the hometown of the Forbidden City, and to ease the journey of students to and from the boat.

The curatorial team said that the exhibition cuts through the two themes of Hundred Encyclopedia and Auspicious Meaning to explore the diversity of humans and animals. Theme 1 Biology Encyclopedia, through New Media, Nan Huairen's Kun Tuo Tuo said the world and cat and dog tomography and other new media works, telling the ancients to paint the external appearance of animals with a brush, today with computerized faults The scan saw the inside of the animal's body. From the ancient times to the present, people recorded the creatures in various ways, and also marked the artistic turn of human beings in the trend of scientific exploration.

Theme 2, Auspicious Meaning, points out that people often take the homonym of animal names to give them auspicious meaning, revealing the unique emotion and value projection of human beings on animals. This time, the new media work of Threedimensional Light Carving Buffalo Bottle was exhibited. I thought about the collection of the poems and the red bats in the paintings of the Forbidden City. As the audience approaches the vase, the red bats fly around the bottle and symbolize Hongfu Qitian, and also wish the audience happiness and good luck!

The Forbidden City said that the Animal Art Ideas The New Media Art Exhibition of the Forbidden City led the audience to appreciate the Palace Museum's collection from a macro perspective with multiple curatorial thinking and digital technology applications. Sincerely welcome the whole family to visit during the summer vacation and visit the colorful animal art world.

Source: National Palace Museum