The Forbidden City closed for 3 years? Forbidden City: Don’t send fake news! The Forbidden City is open as usual!

In response to the outside world, Professor Su Hongda, the political department of National Taiwan University, continued to circulate the film "Destroy the Forbidden City in 2025" and said that "the Forbidden City has to be closed for three years and all the cultural relics of the Forbidden City will be moved to the South Campus." The Forbidden City categorically rejects this fact! Reiterating that during the renovation of the northern courtyard, it will be open to the public as usual. There is no outside rumor that it has been closed for three years, and there is no large amount of cultural relics to plan! The Forbidden City appealed to the public not to forward false news, to prevent false rumors from spreading, and to guard the Forbidden City.

Source: National Palace Museum