The House of Representatives opens a forum to discuss repealing NCPO orders.

Parliament, The House of Representatives discusses the Act to revoke NCPO orders. Criticized the coup to increase the power of ISOC. But reducing the role of the people Lack of participation in solving the southern border problem, "Chusak" insists on seizing power in one day and passing the law. But it took a year to cancel. Reporters reported that The 19th Meeting of the House of Representatives, 2nd Annual Ordinary Session, with Mr. Padipat Santipada, 1st Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, chairing the meeting. Agenda for consideration of the draft bill (Act) to repeal the Order of the Head of the National Council for Peace and Order No. 14/2016 regarding the Advisory Committee for the Administration and Development of the Southern Border Provinces. and the determination of the powers and duties of the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) dated April 4, 2016 B.E..... which Mr. Yunaidi Waba and his group proposed, which The meeting agreed to consider it together with two other similar dr aft bills, consisting of the one proposed by Mr. Chusak Sirinil and his group and the one proposed by Mr. Ramadan Panjor and his group. Mr. Yunaidi Waba, Pattani MP, Democrat Party Discussed the principles and reasons for the draft bill. Due to NCPO Order No. 14/2016, it is required to exempt certain provisions of the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Act. As a result, there is no Advisory Council for the Administration and Development of the Southern Border Provinces. which has fellow citizens in the area as members and is an important part for problem solving to be successful. Meanwhile, the NCPO's Advisory Committee was unable to respond effectively to solving problems in the southern border provinces. In addition, the people in the area did not participate. 'Originally, the Advisory Council which has representatives from many sectors can make suggestions Participate in inspecting and evaluating the work of the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center (SBPAC) and giving opinions to the Prim e Minister and the Secretary-General of the SBP for consideration for civil government officials. with inappropriate behavior allowed to leave the southern border provinces, but NCPO orders made the Advisory Council His authority and duties were reduced. Therefore, I would like to propose that the said NCPO order be canceled so that the original Advisory Council has returned to perform his duties,' Mr. Yunaidi said. While Mr. Ramadan Assigned Mr. Nattawut Buaprathum, Party list MP, Progressive Party, to debate the draft bill. He noted that the NCPO order increased the power of ISOC to expand the power of the military to control civilian affairs. which is seen as going in the wrong direction Therefore, it is proposed to cancel the said NCPO order. To end the role of the Advisory Committee Restoring the Advisory Council and limiting the role of ISOC Mr. Chusak Sirinil, List of MPs Deputy leader of the Pheu Thai Party discussed that it is a matter of centralizing power to present to the Prime Minister. But the re are no representatives from each sector. This type of management has resulted in unsuccessful management of problems in the southern border provinces. There are also more problems. Even the current government has heard echoes from many agencies that the NCPO orders should be revoked. and then return to the original law Therefore, it can be said that all 3 draft bills that have been proposed have the same intention In order for people to continue participating in the administration of the southern border provinces and believe that it will be beneficial 'Thailand's current legal system If you seize control of the country How long does it take to issue orders and announcements? Some people say it takes only one day. After seizing power, the Supreme Court ruled that it was a monarchy. What laws can be passed? When we cancel The draft bill must be submitted through various agendas, which may take no less than 6 months or a year. In this matter, the House of Representatives should realize that this kind of syst em should be eliminated from Thailand. Both the House and the courts must not accept any announcement of orders or accept the seizure of power in a coup. that it is not a good thing Not cooperating Leave this as a warning to MPs that we should be aware of our duties in this section,' Mr. Chusak said. Source: Thai News Agency