The list of winners of “Wang Dog Laifu Jinyun Lucky” has been released!

In order to give back to the customers of the Golden Passbook, the Bank ofTaiwan has held the "Wang Dog Lai Fu Jin Yun Cai Cai" lucky draw since September 3, 2007. By the end of November 30, the customers of the gold passbook have bought and sold back 50 grams. (In the new Taiwan dollar, US dollar and RMB denominated gold passbooks, the same below), you can get 1 lucky draw chance. If you accumulate 100 grams, you can get 2 lucky draw chances, and so on. The lucky draw qualification is based on the gold passbook account, and each draw chance is limited to one prize.

In addition, in order to thank the public for participating in the gold passbook transaction, the first time to open a new account for the gold passbook at the Bank of Taiwan during the event (excluding re-opening the account after the account is closed), and purchase a total of 5 grams in the gold passbook account ( New Taiwan Dollar, US Dollar and Renminbi-denominated gold passbooks are combined and calculated, and you can participate in the novice prize draw.

The number of qualified lottery prizes is nearly 80,000, which is more than 1,000 prizes for the novice prize draw. The special prize can be used to receive the gold passbook of the new Taiwanese currency of 66 grams. The first prize and the prize can be awarded the new Taiwan dollar-denominated gold passbook. grams and 5 grams, "Disney in addition to 3,360 yuan worth of NT $ 80 to commemorate the anniversary of Nigeria Donald casting silver coins", Switzerland Symphony 1 gram gold bars and novice good luck award of Disney's Year of the Dog Lunar New Year Commemorative silver banknotes and other awards.

The event was successfully completed on December 18, 2007. The winners were announced on the website of the Bank of China website ( ) .

Source: Ministry of Finance