The scale of the crowd-fighting case has been expanded. Lai has instructed the relevant ministry

The President of the Executive, Lai Qingde, presided over the "Report of the Sixth Security Council in 107" on the 24th, saying that public security work is one of the issues of concern to the public. Due to the widespread use of social media, more and more people are fighting in recent times. The political commissar Luo Bingcheng convened the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Justice and other relevant ministries to jointly study and respond to this situation in order to maintain law and order.

At the meeting, the Ministry of the Interior's Police Department proposed a temporary motion "Remediation Proposal for the Case of Gathering Crowd", indicating that people have recently connected through social communication software, gathering people to fight quickly, large numbers and high mobility. The police dispatched troops to fight, but the law The sanctions are weak, causing social fears, and it is recommended to amend the law to curb related behaviors.

In the meeting, the National Communications and Communication Committee also reported on the "Prevention of the implementation of telecommunications fraud", which showed that by reducing the network technical specifications of the telecommunications business system, improving the list of overseas obstructions, and improving the personal capital of users, the fraud was effectively curbed. After listening to the report, Dean Lai said that the rumor will continue to improve and cooperate with policing units and telecom operators to prevent the spread of telecom fraud through anti-production, and to maintain extremely low data for telecom micro-payment fraud cases of mobile phone newsletters. Preventing effectiveness.

Dean Lai further pointed out that with the evolution of new-type technology, fraud has penetrated into application apps, communication software and social networking sites. Please continue to implement cross-domain governance and public-private partnerships. The Ministry of the Interior will jointly study and control. Measures to defraud, and supervise the conductive traders to cooperate with various prevention measures to protect the safety of people's property.

In response to the report of the COA, the implementation of the anti-fraud implementation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Credit Department stated that in order to prevent financial fraud and reduce the number of head accounts, the staff of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Credit Department actively took care of customers' questions and expanded their propaganda. After listening to the report, Dean Lai pointed out that "blackmail" should be effective. In addition to effective blocking of possible fraud channels such as telecommunications and Internet, financial institutions play a key role in preventing the opening of head-to-head accounts. In cases of suspected fraud, you should also take the initiative to give care.

Dean Lai further stated that the Agriculture and Fisheries Commission has made the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Credit Department successfully stop the fraud cases through the reward and assessment mechanism, so that the people can reduce the property losses and improve their effectiveness year by year. It is worthy of recognition. The COA is invited to continue to list the results of anti-fraud as the assessment project of the Agriculture and Fisheries Association, and cooperate with relevant ministries to crack down on fraud. The case and amount of fraud prevention should also be counted as the basis for review and improvement.

The Ministry of the Interior's Police Department today put forward the report Expanding the implementation of the abnormal account early warning mechanism. The suspicious financial account reported by the public was reviewed and reported to the financial institution as an abnormal account for continuous monitoring. For example, the financial institution found that the account had If the money is remitted or the funds go in and out, the financial institution will be notified (returned) to the financial institution, and the victim will be taken care of. If fraud is involved, the victim will be reported to the victim as soon as possible, and the account will be frozen.

Dean Lai said that the Ministry of the Interior's Police Department cooperated with the Financial Management Committee and expanded the implementation of the abnormal account early warning mechanism. According to the statistics of the Police Department, the number of cases successfully blocked by the early warning mechanism from July to November this year was higher than that of the (106) year. 10 times, the amount of blocking reached 19.21 million yuan, showing that the early warning mechanism effectively reduces fraud cases. The Financial Management Committee and the Ministry of Communications are required to continue to promote care and questioning work by financial institutions and post offices, to implement identity identification and verification, and to protect the safety of people's property.

Dean Lai presented the "107 Summer Youth Project Excellence Award" to six county (city) governments including Kaohsiung City, Taichung City, Changhua County, Pingtung County, Hsinchu City and Keelung City; and "Chinese Martial Arts Sanda" Fighting Association, "Catholic Good Shepherd Social Welfare Foundation", "Taichung City Scouting Association", "Community Association of Taipei City Christian Church", "Finance Foundation for Happiness and Welfare" and "Taiwan World" The Vision Group and other six civil society groups.

Dean Lai said that the "Summer Youth Project" has been implemented for several years and has achieved good results. In addition to the cooperation between the central and local governments, it is also necessary to assist through civil society. Nowadays, society is changing rapidly, and science and technology are constantly innovating, leading to endless stream of crimes. In order to give people a safe and happy environment, the government must effectively fight crime and cooperate with private organizations to provide many programs for young people to spend a safe summer vacation and reduce the risk of young people encountering adverse events. . Thanks to the hard work of the winning units, I hope everyone will continue to work hard.

Source: Executive Yuan Republic of China