Three to be indicted over ‘accidental’ missile launch

Prosecutors in Kaohsiung have determined that the launch of an anti-ship missile from a navy corvette last month was an accident and will charge three officers responsible for the death of a fisherman, the Kaohsiung District Prosecutors' Office announced Monday.

Kao Chia-chun , a petty officer second class, will be indicted for negligently causing the death of Huang Wen-chung (???) when his fishing boat was hit by the Hsiung Feng III supersonic missile in waters near Taiwan's offshore county of Penghu on July 1.

If found guilty, the defendant could be sent to prison for up to five years according to Article 276 of the Criminal Code.

Petty Officer Chen Ming-hsiu ), Kao's supervisor, and Lieutenant Hsu Po-wei (???), who is in charge of supervising weapons on the Jin Jiang-class corvette, will be indicted for neglecting duties thereby causing a catastrophe.

If found guilty, the defendants may be sentenced to a prison term of three to 10 years according to Article 130 of the Criminal Code.

Three other crew members on board the Hsiang Li Sheng were injured when their boat was hit by the missile fired from the Ching Chiang during what should have been a simulated launch. The 500-ton corvette was inside the naval base in Kaohsiung at the time.

Source: Focus Taiwan