Travel ban on indicted New Party youth corps members to continue

Taipei, Three members of the opposition New Party's youth corps and a family member indicted in June for violating national security laws in collusion with a convicted Chinese spy will continue to be barred from leaving the country, according to Taiwan Taipei District Court Thursday.

The decision was made with the original travel ban set to end on Friday. The ban will now continue beyond that date with the four men barred from leaving the country for the duration of the trial, the court said.

Opposition New Party spokesman Wang Ping-chung (???), Wang's father Wang Chin-pu (???) and two other New Party members, Lin Ming-cheng (???) and Hou Han-ting (???) were charged with violating national security by the Taipei Prosecutors Office on June 13.

The four were accused by prosecutors of organizing spy networks for China in Taiwan in collusion with Chinese student Zhou Hongxu (???).

Zhou, who allegedly oversaw their operations and served as an intermediary between them and China, provided Wang Ping-chung with funding to help him develop the networks in Taiwan, according to prosecutors.

During a court appearance on Tuesday, Wang Ping-chung said the main focus that day was to determine whether the case should be heard in camera and the four should continue to be barred from leaving the country.

The court has not yet decided whether the case should be held in camera.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel