Tropical storm forms southeast of Taiwan, sea alert to be issued

A tropical storm formed over waters east of the Philippines on Wednesday morning, and it will come closest to Taiwan on Thursday, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said, warning residents of eastern Taiwan of heavy rain.

The storm, which has not yet been named, was packing maximum sustained winds of 64.8 kilometers per hour, with gusts of 90 kph.

Its radius of winds of 54 kph reached 120 km, said CWB technical specialist Chen Yi-liang (???), anticipating that the storm will be closest to Taiwan on Thursday.

The bureau will issue a sea warning for the storm on Wednesday at 11:30 a.m., Chen said.

The new storm is expected to bring bad weather to eastern and southeastern Taiwan, Chen forecast.

The storm is expected to move directly west across the northern part of the Philippines, and if the storm does not move northwards, "there will be little chance of a land warning being issued," said Chen, who expected the sea warning to be lifted Thursday.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel