Tsunami hits Indonesia, at least 281 dead, 1,016 injured

At least 281 people are dead after a tsunami struck the coast of Indonesia along the Sunda Strait on Saturday night. At least 1,016 others are listed as injured.

It's thought that the tsunami was triggered by the eruption of Mount Anak Krakatau, also known as Child of Krakatoa.

Taiwan's foreign ministry says that a family of six Taiwanese who fled the tsunami was stranded in a mountainous area of Indonesia. Diplomatic staff in Indonesia traveled through damaged roads and were able to meet the family and help them within five hours. Officials say that some of the family members sustained minor injuries but are all safe.

The foreign ministry says the military is ready to deploy four C-130 transport planes to Indonesia if and when the country asks for help with disaster relief.

Meanwhile, Taiwan's labor minister, Hsu Ming-chun, on Monday called on employers in Taiwan to reach out to Indonesian workers. He said the employers should allow people whose family members have been affected by the incident to return to Indonesia.

There are over 266,000 Indonesian workers in Taiwan. Those who need help taking time off work and returning to Indonesia can call the 1955 hotline from anywhere in Taiwan.

Source: Rti