Turkish envoy visits Central News Agency

Taipei--Turkey's representative to Taiwan visited the Central News Agency (CNA) in Taipei on Thursday with the aim of enhancing relations between CNA and Anadolu Agency, Turkey's state-run news agency.

The two news agencies signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in May last year that allows the two sides to exchange text news, photos and videos.

Ismet Erikan, representative of the Turkish Trade Office in Taipei, who helped bring about the cooperation, met with CNA Chairman Liu Ka-shiang and expressed hope of seeing further collaboration between the two agencies, including employee exchanges and the establishment of offices in each other's countries.

Relations between Turkey and Taiwan have improved in recent years, not only in the field of culture, but also in trade, economy, tourism and academic activities, Erikan said, adding that CNA and Anadolu Agency can play important roles in relaying those close ties to the public.

He noted that the number of visitors between Turkey and Taiwan has significantly increased in recent years and that 150 athletes from Turkey are scheduled to attend the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei.

Liu, the new chairman of CNA, said the agency is looking to expand its coverage of the Middle East, where Turkey is an important player, and hopes to work with its Turkish partner to cover more cultural, business and tourism news about the Middle East.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council