TV drama broadcast in Latin America to promote Taiwan soft power

Taipei-The Taiwanese TV drama "A Good Wife" (?????????) is being aired in allied countries in Latin American and the Caribbean to promote Taiwan's soft power and culture, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) announced on Tuesday.

At a press conference, Deputy Foreign Minister Paul Chang (???) said that after months of preparation to post-produce the series and add Spanish subtitles and Spanish voice-overs, it has started to air in some Latin American and Caribbean countries this month.

In all, the 2013 TV drama will be aired on a total of 18 TV networks in 14 countries, mostly Spanish-speaking.

They include Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Colombia, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Argentina, and Uruguay.

The series will also be broadcast in two of Taiwan's English-speaking diplomatic allies in the Caribbean, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Los Angeles in the United States.

The TV series was chosen by the ministry following a strict screening process and will be the third Taiwanese TV series to be aired in Latin America, Chang said.

It is part of the ministry's ongoing project to promote Taiwanese culture and soft power in the region, home to many of Taiwan's 20 diplomatic allies, he said.

In 2014, the ministry presented the 2010 Taiwanese TV drama "The Fierce Wife" (????), featuring Spanish voice-overs and subtitles, on 10 TV networks in eight Latin American countries.

Following the success of "The Fierce Wife," the MOFA introduced a 2014 Taiwanese romance drama "The Way We Were," also known as "16 Summers," in 2015.

Different from the practices of the previous two campaigns, Chang said the ministry also prepared an English language edition of the drama this year to be aired in Taiwan's English-speaking diplomatic allies in the Caribbean as well.

Starring Tien Hsin (??) and Christopher Lee (???), the 15-episode drama tells the story of a dutiful and obedient housewife, played by Tien Hsin.

But the loneliness of being married to a workaholic husband, played by Lee, and the stress of not having given birth to a grandchild for her perfectionist parents-in-law is pushing her to a breaking point.

One day, she meets a man who is the exact opposite of her husband. Her feelings for him gradually threaten her peaceful married life.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel