Two very different full moons expected in January

Taipei-A full moon will appear in the skies over Taiwan twice in the first month of 2018 with very different results, according to a forecast by the Astronomical Observatory under the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

The first full moon, set to occur on Jan. 2, will be the largest full moon of the year and light up the sky. The best time to observe it will be either just before dawn or just after dusk on Tuesday.

The second full moon will come on Jan. 31, but it will not reflect much light and will not always be a perfectly round shape because it will be part of a full lunar eclipse that starts at 6:50 p.m., the observatory forecast.

The best time to observe the eclipse will be from 8:51 p.m., when the moon enters the Earth's dark central shadow, known as the umbra, to 10:08 p.m., when the moon starts to emerge from the shadow.

During that time, when the total eclipse occurs, the moon will likely become a dark red or deep copper color because of the sun beams refracted around the edge of the Earth by the atmosphere, according to the observatory.

From beginning to end, the lunar eclipse will last a total of five hours and 20 minutes, and will be visible from all parts of Taiwan, the observatory said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel