Two-year-old girl dies of enterovirus

A two-year-old girl in northern Taiwan died last week, days after she fell ill with an enterovirus 71 infection, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said Tuesday.

The child, who had mental and physical disabilities, died on Sept. 12 due to cardiopulmonary failure and sepsis caused by the enterovirus 71 infection, the CDC said, adding that it was the first fatal case of enterovirus this year.

Su Wei-ju (???), a doctor with the CDC, said the child developed infections of the ear and upper respiratory tract around the end of August, and by Sept. 6 she had a high fever and a sore throat.

Three days later, she started having cramps, fell unconscious and was placed in an intensive care unit, Su said.

The child was later diagnosed with enterovirus 71 and never recovered, Su said, adding that she was in a high risk group because of her age.

In Taiwan, the fatality rate of enterovirus 71 is 3-20 percent, with children under five listed as one of the high risk groups.

Meanwhile, the CDC said the total number of enterovirus cases in Taiwan increased 4.6 percent last week to 7,295, from 6,977 the previous week, with the Coxsackie A virus strain remaining the most prevalent.

Taiwan has recorded 21 severe cases of enterovirus this year, 20 of which were enterovirus 71 infections, and the other Coxsackie A5, the CDC said, citing data valid as of Sept. 20.

Last year, two people in Taiwan died of enterovirus infections.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel