Uber plans Taiwan comeback

Ride booking service Uber is planning to resume its service in Taiwan. The service shut down operations in February amid a government crackdown that saw it receive NT$830 million (US$27 million) in fines that are yet to be paid.

Uber Taiwan general manager Likai Gu announced Thursday that the service will cooperate with local car rental companies and not work with individual drivers any more.

"We will be working with legal car rental companies. We will provide our app and our technology as an information technology platform. It is to allow car rental companies to find customers and the kind of cars that they want more easily. We have updated our app and our price calculation method to keep in line with the way car rentals operate," said Gu.

Gu said past Uber drivers can work directly with the car rentals if they want to stay on with the company. He said fares will be collected by the car rental companies and Uber will collect fees for the use of its technology.

Meanwhile, Transportation Minister Ho Chen Tan said the ride hailing service will be legal as long as the companies it is cooperating with abide by the law.

"From what we understand, Uber will be providing a service for the car rental companies, so we are directly dealing with the car rental companies. A car rental service is to provide a basic guarantee for customers' rights, pay tax in accordance with the law, and follow government rules," the transportation minister said. "We are not giving them any leeway. We will continue demanding that they adequately protect customers' rights."

Source: Radio Taiwan International