Unaccounted for migrant workers fed drugs, used in violent crime

Taipei, Members of a violent criminal ring that has been using narcotics to control unaccounted for migrant workers and using them as muscle to beat and intimidate its victims have been arrested in a recent operation, the National Immigration Agency (NIA) said Friday.

The NIA said that the ringleader, surnamed Huang (?), manages a cleaning company in Taipei and along with two accomplices, surnamed Chen (?) and Chang (?), used the unaccounted for Vietnamese migrant workers to beat and intimidate other cleaning business competitors into signing paperwork signifying that they owed money.

Huang also supplied narcotics such as amphetamines to his victims and repeatedly hosted drug-fueled parties in his office, often acting as the catalyst for his victims' addictions and charging them for the drugs, the NIA discovered.

The victims reported to the NIA that Huang had also been feeding the drug habits of the unaccounted for migrant workers and using the drugs to control them.

The police, along with the NIA, organized a special team to investigate the matter and on Wednesday arrested seven suspects including Huang, collecting evidence such as the narcotics and drug paraphernalia.

After questioning, the suspects were sent to the Taipei District Prosecutors Office on suspicion of robbery and human trafficking.

The exact number of unaccounted for migrant workers under Huang's control is still being investigated.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel