Uniforms for Lantern Festival receptionists unveiled

The Yunlin County government on Monday unveiled the uniforms that will be provided for receptionists for the 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival and showed off the results of its training for workers responsible for foreign language docent services during the festival.

According to Yunlin Magistrate Lee Chin-yung (李進勇), the reception and docent services will mainly be provided by students from three universities and several senior high schools in the county.

Besides English, the docent services will also be available in Japanese, Malay, Vietnamese and Thai, the county government said.

The uniform for female receptionists consists of a deep pink blouse and a purple skirt, while male receptionists will wear black suits.

They were designed by Yunlin-born fashion designer Goji Lin (林國基).

The festival will take place Feb. 11-19 in the county’s Huwei and Beigang townships. It will cover a total area of 50 hectares and feature more than 3,000 lanterns.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel

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