Universiade ID cards to help ensure security at the games

Athletes from some 154 countries are set to arrive in Taiwan in August for the 2017 Summer Universiade. The world games for university athletes will take place in Taipei from August 18-30.

The head of the organizing committee, Su Li-chiung, said Wednesday that each participant will be given an ID card that contains a computer chip. The company behind the cards, NXP Semiconductors, will be creating 150,000 of them using its Mifare computer chip technology. Su says the cards will help ensure security at the games.

"Without professional ID cards, then security would simply not be sufficient. Only with these ID cards, which contain secure computer chips, can we ensure that the teams and individuals entering and exiting [the venues] have our permission to do so," said Su.

The Universiade ID cards will be 10cm by 15cm in size. Each card will contain a name, photo, position of the person, and one of nine colors that identify the function of the cardholder. The chips will limit access to venues at specific times, so that for example, only those connected to the weightlifting competition will be allowed to enter the venue for that event. An official with NXP Semiconductors' Taiwan office said that the system will be able to quickly verify the cardholder's identity in order to allow speedy access.

Source: Radio Taiwan International