UNIVERSIADE: President Tsai whips up public support for Taiwan team

Taipei--Hours before the grand opening of the Taipei 2017 Universiade on Saturday, President Tsai Ing-wen (???) wrote a Facebook message of support for the Taiwan team and encouraged the public to cheer for them.

"The long-anticipated Taipei 2017 Universiade is set to begin today!" Tsai wrote on her Facebook page earlier in the day. "All 23 million people (in the country) are part of the Taiwan team. We will unite to defend the home ground."

Tsai said there are always diverse opinions in democratic Taiwan but during the Taipei Universiade, there is only one voice that says "Cheer for Taiwan!"

As the president of the host country, Tsai said, she would like to welcome friends from around the world to the "magnificent sports event."

The Taipei Universiade will run from Aug. 19-30, with athletes from 141 countries competing in 22 different sports.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel