Universiade torch relay to reach Yushan: executive committee

The 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade torch relay will pass over the main peak of Yushan (Jade Mountain), Taiwan's highest point, the Universiade executive committee said Tuesday.

The committee made the decision after 12 committee members, led by Su Li-chiung (???), the chief executive of the 29th Summer Universiade, gave an assurance during a trip to Yushan earlier Tuesday that the Universiade flame could be lit on the peak through a trial run of an ignition system.

The committee members found after the test that the pilot flame could be lit on the ignition system after the system was proven to be able to overcome limitations of high altitude at several sites on the mountain, including Tatachia (2,610 meters above sea level), White Forest (3,096 meters), Paiyun Lodge (3,402 meters) and the main peak of Yushan (3,952 meters), according to the committee.

The Universiade torch relay is scheduled to start in May 2017 and pass through several countries before returning to Taiwan and passing through 22 counties and cities around the island between June and August, it said.

The main peak of Yushan, at 3,952 meters, is the highest in Taiwan and in East Asia. It is regarded as a spiritual symbol of the Taiwanese people, and it is meaningful to carry the torch to the mountain summit, the committee said.

Noting that it wants to include Taiwanese elements in the torch relay ceremony, the committee said it has inspected the entire relay route to Yushan.

However, it will not be easy for the torch bearers to carry the flame up the mountain, because they will be required to use mountain climbing equipment, gear and accessories and be in excellent physical condition, the committee said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel