UNIVERSIADE: Water polo hunks engage in online war

Taipei--Over the past few days, Taiwanese netizens have engaged in a heated debate over which men's water polo team to root for at the 2017 Summer Universiade. The main point of contention? Which team has the best looking players.

The debate took off on Facebook after the Netherlands Trade and Investment Office in Taipei two days ago posted a video of Dutch water polo players jumping into a pool from a side angle, declaring in Chinese that if the page receives more than 10,000 fans as a result, another will be posted displaying their "fronts."

As of noon Saturday, the video had 60,000 views and raised the fan number to 8,639, which has been lauded as a brilliant market campaign.

However, with more and more pictures of water polo players uncovered by Facebook users, the competition has since intensified and the Italian team is currently attracting even more attention.

"If there was any justice in the world the Italian team could not be so good-looking?" said web-celebrity Rob Lo in reaction to the team's group photo, suggesting that those who bought tickets to see the Dutch team in response to its earlier campaign should "be distraught, sigh and cry."

Others are rooting for the South Korean team, whose pictures and related news reports have also made a splash.

"My friend sent me this news in the morning. This kind of friend, you can count on your whole life," said web-celebrity danny0425, adding that some of the players are so attractive they could get roles in a Korean soap opera.

As to the actual competition, South Korea beat Taiwan 17-4 in the men's preliminary round the previous day, while the Netherlands defeated Italy 8-6.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel