US arms sales help cross-strait peace: Defense ministry

The defense ministry says US arms sales to Taiwan will help maintain cross-strait peace. Ministry spokesperson Chen Chung-chi made the statement Friday.

It is expected that a bill governing the latest arms package will take effect a month after it is reviewed and approved by Congress.

Chen said the arms sales are crucial to long-term regional peace.

The [arms sales] are the basis of maintaining regional stability. We must emphasize that they help strengthen the self-defense capabilities of the Republic of China and maintain cross-strait peace as well. Therefore, the defense ministry would like to express its sincere appreciation to the decision made by the US," said Chen.

The Republic of China is Taiwan's official name.

The latest package includes MK48 torpedoes, upgrades to MK46 torpedoes, high-speed anti-radiation missiles (HARM), MK41 vertical launching system, the maintenance of Surveillance Radar Program (SRP), among other items.

Source: Radio Taiwan International